Directions and Finding Your Way

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Directions and Finding Your Way

Directions to the American Family Children's Hospital
American Family Children's Hospital is located at 1675 Highland Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin:

Finding Your Way

In order to best familiarize you with the American Family Children's Hospital, our Guest Depot staff will provide you with a detailed map of our setting.
The Guest Depot is located in the main lobby, which is on the first floor of the American Family Children's Hospital.
UW Health Navigator iconUW Health Navigator
If you have a smartphone or tablet, try UW Health Navigator. This free app uses WiFi to determine the user's location, then provides directions to any selected public destination. Users also can choose to find the closest of a certain type of facility, such as a restroom.

If you are at American Family Children's Hospital and cannot find your way, you can ask any UW Health employee wearing a badge for assistance or call (608) 263-8581.