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Hospital School and School Re-Entry

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Hospital SchoolAmerican Family Children's Hospital offers Madison's only Board of Education-approved Hospital School to help patients - from kindergarten through high school - keep up with their school work.
The Hospital School is administered and maintained by the Madison Metropolitan School District. The Hospital School is open Monday through Friday and follows the Madison Metropolitan School District calendar.
Attendance in the Hospital School classrooms is encouraged for all patients in kindergarten through 12th grade. Bedside teaching is available, but limited to students who are unable to leave their rooms due to medical restrictions.
To help students re-enter school with as little makeup work as possible, patients should bring their books and assignments with them to the hospital. Depending on your child's situation, hospital teachers may establish and maintain contact with your child's local school.
The Hospital School teachers will help students complete as much work as possible and provide additional academic and enrichment activities as needed.
Jeff Crawford School and Teen Center
On the 4th floor of the American Family Children's Hospital, the Jeff Crawford School and Teen Center is equipped with special air filtration to minimize risk of infection to patients with cancer. A gift from Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, this room also serves as a lounge for teenage patients during evenings and weekends.
5th Floor ClassroomAnother school room is located on the 5th floor for all other school-age patients. ( Pictured, right: 5th floor classroom)
Hospital School Mission

The hospital school's purpose is threefold:
  • To offer every school-age child a school experience designed to meet his or her special needs
  • To provide a normal routine for hospitalized K-12 patients
  • To provide an opportunity for students to keep pace with their classmates
The school program helps patients complete school work so they don't suffer from "double jeopardy" - the misfortune of being hospitalized and, at the same time, falling behind in school and having to struggle later to catch up.
Hospital SchoolSchool Re-Entry
School re-entry services are available to assist children with a successful transition back into their community and school. The school re-entry program can also assist parents, patients, siblings and school personnel with information and resources to help facilitate a smooth and positive change back to school following illness.
Please ask a member of your health care team if you are interested in receiving more information about our school re-entry program.