Patient and Family Guide

Patient Confidentiality

Billing and Patient Records

HIPAA and Patient Privacy Information

Medical information about your child is confidential. No one outside the hospital and clinics may view your child's hospital record without your written permission unless legally required or ordered by a court of law.
You may review your child's medical record, but we ask that you arrange to view it with your doctor and/or nurse so all your questions can be answered. Exceptions may apply to sensitive health care information for adolescents.
A charge will be made if you request copies of the record for purposes other than further medical care. If another doctor referred your child, he or she will receive a report of your child's care at American Family Children's Hospital.
Also for reasons of confidentiality, hospital staff cannot tell you about other patients' conditions. Please help us protect all patients' privacy by not asking questions about children other than your own.
Condition Information
Frequently, relatives and friends call the hospital to get updated information on your child's condition. While we realize they are very concerned, legally we cannot give any medical information over the phone to anyone except the child's parents or legal guardians, unless otherwise authorized.
Some families have found it helpful to have one relative or friend serve as a primary contact person who will share updated information with other friends and family, or use the hospital CarePages.