Comprehensive Pediatric Neurocutaneous Clinic

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Comprehensive Pediatric Neurocutaneous Clinic

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Meets third Monday every even month at 12:30pm


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(608) 263-6420


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UW Health's Comprehensive Pediatric Neurocutaneous Clinic provides a multidisciplinary service for the diagnosis, treatment and long-term care of children and young adults with a neurocutaneous syndrome. Ours is the only neurocutaneous clinic in Wisconsin.

What is neurocutaneous syndrome?

Neurocutaneous syndrome is a broad term used for a group of genetic disorders that cause tumors or lesions in various parts of the body, including the brain, spine, nerves, bones, blood vessels and skin. These diseases are life-long conditions and require a continuum of care from many specialties.

The most common neurocutaneous disorders include:


The goal of the Comprehensive Pediatric Neurocutaneous Clinic is to provide seamless individualized treatment and education concerning your child's health and treatment plan. This will be accomplished through:

  • Detailed history and physical examination, diagnosis and counseling
  • Comprehensive education regarding the diagnosis, testing and all aspects of treatment
  • Ordering of laboratory and radiological tests
  • Providing support, information and resources to individuals and families about the disease
  • Assisting with school and insurance issues