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Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease


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The Comprehensive Sickle Cell Clinic at American Family Children's Hospital was established to meet the unique needs of children with sickle cell disease.
Over the past decade, we have seen children with this disease become happy, healthy adults. To reach this milestone, children need to be monitored carefully. The purpose of the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Program is to make sure that children with this disease receive routine diagnostic testing and surveillance.
Other services are available for patients when needs are identified. These include, but are not limited to, other specialty services, social services, nutrition, health psychology and genetic counseling.
What is sickle cell disease?
Sickle cell disease is a genetically-inherited condition wherein a child's red blood cells are abnormally shaped. These cells deliver less oxygen through the bloodstream and can break into pieces to disrupt normal blood flow.
Clinic Goals
  • Educate family on sickle cell disease and genetic cause
  • Detect and treat problems related to the disease
  • Provide health care counseling about potential risks and preventive behaviors
  • Consultation to other health services to meet special needs
  • Provide social and emotional support for entire family
  • Facilitate transition of medical care to an adult care system.