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Hematology and Oncology Summer Camps for Kids and Teens and Their Siblings

Summer Camp Opportunities
2014 Summer Camp Listing (pdf)

Kids at a campfireThe experience of going to camp can be an incredibly important one for children and teens with cancer. It often gives opportunities to meet others their own age who share similar experiences. Many times even children in treatment can have the opportunity to go to camp because the doctors and nurses realize how important it is for our patients.

Sharon Frierdich, NP, with the Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant program explains, "Camp is an important experience for children and teens with cancer. The camp experience provides a sense of freedom and independence in an environment staffed by skilled volunteers and health professionals. Children and teens can share their unique feelings with other campers who are "like them" and are living with cancer. The special relationships that are formed and the challenges experienced can have a lifetime impact." 

Kasey Davis, Health Psychologist echoes Frierdich's comments, "Camp is a nice opportunity for socialization that is filled with fun, creativity, and learning, all in a medically safe environment. It can normalize experiences and decrease feelings of social isolation by offering an atmosphere full of other kids and teens that are living with cancer. The positive memories and friendships developed will last long after the camping experience."

Summer Camp Opportunities

Hozhoni Weekend

American Cancer Society
*Co-sponsored by the Friends of Oshkosh, Inc.
Wisconsin Lions Camp- Rosholt, WI (Stevens Point Area)
September 5-7, 2014

A weekend camp for children with cancer and their families. [18 and under]

A unique experience and opportunity for families who have a child or adolescent with cancer in a camp-like environment, parents and children gather with caring professionals and volunteers for a weekend of workshops, family/group activities, water sports and great fun Provides opportunities for families touched by cancer to share feelings, experiences and hopes with other families

Online at

No Cost. Transportation (busing) also available

Camp Angel and Camp Teen Angel

Angel on My Shoulder
*Presented through co-partnership with Marshfield Clinic
Camp Luther in Three Lakes, WI
1889 Koubenic Rd. 54562

Camp Angel is for children ages 8-12 who are experiencing cancer through a loved one.

Camp Teen Angel is for teens ages 13-15 who are experiencing cancer though a loved one.

Unique support camps designed to address the needs of young people affected by cancer through: parent, sibling or grandparent or experienced the loss of a loved one through cancer. Provides opportunity to meet others like them in a well-supervised atmosphere of love and acceptance, knowing their pain is understood.

(800) 860-3431

Online at

Or print application and mail to:
P.O. Box 747
St. Germain, WI 54558

No Cost. Transportation (busing) also available

Camp Mak-A-Dream

Children's Oncology Camp Foundation
Various programs from May-September

Camp Mak-A-Dream offers a variety of programs for children, teens and young adults affected by cancer. Campers will find it is much more than a week of fun in Montana. At camp, the difficulties of a life affected by cancer are left behind, replaced by unexpected delights: comfort, friendship, security, achievement, serenity, to name just a few. As if all this weren’t reason enough, camp programs are offered free of cost, thanks to independent donors and other sources of funding. On-site medical team available to administer advanced treatment as participants are going through various stages of treatment.

Program Options

Kids Camp
Ages 6-14
July 26-August 1, 2014

Unique experience for young children in various stages of cancer therapy, and connect with others facing similar challenges. Designed to give children a week of normalcy and a chance to make new friends, try new things and experience fun camp activities

Teen Camp
Ages 15-18
July 1-7, 2014

Classic summer camp experience with agenda that suits older kids Our goal is to give teenagers, in various stages of cancer therapy, a chance to feel normal and build self-esteem. Activities include swimming, art projects, fishing, archery, the climbing wall, high ropes course and cabin chat discussions and some educational sessions as well.

Sibling Camp
Ages 6-17
July 10-15, 2014

For kids and teens that have lost a brother or sister or a parent with cancer. Opportunity to connect with others within their own peer group who may share similar changes and challenges. Campers from all over the United States and Canada.

YAC- Young Adult Conference * Outdoor Experience
Ages 18-40
June 10-16, 2014

Opportunity for young adults with cancer to connect with peers who are going through similar experiences. Meet new people, learn, discuss, share and grow through combination of educational and recreational activities. Chance to hike, ride horses, visit historical sites, campouts, etc.

Other Camp Opportunities

Ovarian Cancer Retreat
Ages 18-25
May 1-5, 2014 and again September 4-8, 2014
For women diagnosed with ovarian cancer

Heads Up Conference
Ages 18-25
June 19-25, 2014
For young adults diagnosed with a brain tumor

Teen Heads Up Conference
Ages 13-18
August 4-10, 2014
For teenagers diagnosed with a brain tumor

Camp Mak-A-Dream
P.O. Box 1450
Missoula, Montana 59806

Online at

No Cost. Come transportation costs may apply.

First Descent Program

Levels include:
FDi - Current Patients
FD1 - Intro (18-39)
FD2 - After FD1
FDX - Xtreme

At First Descents, we define our lives by the depth of our friendships, the adventures we live and the moments of laughter, peace, fear and humility we experience. We’re fueled by the feeling of standing up on a surfboard for the first time, paddling through whitewater and topping out on a climb, always surrounded by friends who feel more like family. So what’s stopping you? Drop in! Do something crazy! Surprise yourself, friends and your family. Redefine what it means to really live your life on your terms.

Contact and Application

Learn more about the levels and the one best for you at:

One Step at a Time Camp

Summer/Fall 2014
Williams Bay, WI (Lake Geneva area)

A variety of camp opportunities for cancer patients, survivors, siblings and parents. When a child has cancer, summer camp may seem like one more thing that the child has to give up. At One Step at a Time (OSAAT) camp, children with cancer have a chance to experience a week or two of carefree fun with other kids facing similar challenges. A variety of fun and exciting camp activities for different ages. Campers enjoy swimming, arts and crafts, games in a safe environment. All participants are required to have health insurance. Camps vary on participation requirements.

Program Opportunities

One Step at a Time Summer Camps

Cancer Patients and Survivors
Ages 7-19
Week 1: July 5-12, 2014 
Week 2: July 12-19, 2014

Additional Opportunities

  • Standard Camp
    Ages 7-10
    Well-rounded, traditional camp experience all about fun and friendship

  • Stepping Up
    Ages 11-11
    Offers pre-teen campers a chance to demonstrate independence and challenge themselves in new ways

  •  All-Camp Experience
    Ages 13-16
    Allows campers to design their own camp experience where they can choose from several specialized activities

  • Campcraft
    Ages 13-16
    For teen adventurers - live, eat, learn and play outdoors

  • Excursion
    Ages 13-16
    Designated for campers with love of travel and adventure

  • Water Sports
    Ages 13-16
    For campers with a strong interest in SCUBA diving and other aquatic activities

  • Excel
    Ages 17-19
    For young adults who want to learn leadership skills and experience excellence and challenge at every level (EXCEL)

Brain Tumor Family Camp
All family members
August 21-24, 2014
Aurora University in Williams Bay, WI 

Provides an enjoyable break for families who have a child diagnosed with cancer, while also addressing unique needs. Panel discussion is offered that focuses on topics important to these families.

Dude Ranch
Ages 11-16
September 27 - October 4, 2014
Woodside Ranch Mauston, WI

Gives campers a chance to have an authentic experience like no other - living, working and participating in ranch life. Campers learn horsemanship, as they brush, saddle, and they ride 2-3 times a day. Campers with all levels of experience from those who have never touched a horse to experienced riders.

Sibling Camp
Ages 12-19
George Williams Campus/Aurora University

Sibling camp is designed exclusively for children who have a sibling with cancer and is a a great opportunity for children to bond with peers who understand what it is like to have a sibling with cancer. Games, activities, campfires, music and more. Suggested tuition is $25. Contact: Mary Ann Lebel at

Apply for all OSAAT Camps
Online at
All camper forms must be completed and fees should be mailed to:
Children's Oncology Services, Inc.
213 W. Institute Place, Suite 511
Chicago, IL 60610

Suggested tuition for Summer Camp is $100/week plus a $5 registration fee. No child has ever been turned-away due to inability to pay.

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Summer Sessions
June - August, 2014
Ashford, CT

Session Information 2014

Session 1: June 4-10 - General Session
Session 2: June 13-19 - General Session
Session 3: June 22-28 - Sickle Cell
Session 4: July 2-8 - Immunology
Session 5: July 11-17 - General Session
Session 6: July 20-26 - Sickle Cell
Session 7: July 30-Aug 5 - General Session
Session 8: Aug 8-Aug 14 - General Session
Session 9: Aug 17-Aug 23 - Brother/Sister

Sessions 1-8 are devoted to seriously ill children ages 7-15 with a diagnosis of malignancy, genetic blood disorder, or HIV (although under special circumstances, the program may interpret these medical conditions broadly.) Session 9 is devoted to the siblings of children with life-threatening illnesses or conditions.

While preference is given for children who reside in New England, New York and New Jersey, other children or groups from other geographic areas are included when possible; and/or children who are medically unable to attend any other camp.

Founded in 1988 by Paul Newman, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is a nonprofit year-round center serving children and their families coping with cancer, sickle cell anemia and other serious illnesses. Through summer sessions and family weekend programs at the Camp in Ashford, Connecticut, and year-round outreach to hospitals and clinics throughout the Northeast, the Camp will serve more than 20,000 children and family members in 2012. Through our signature summer program we host more than 1,000 children at nine sessions.

(203) 772-0522

Online at

All services are free of charge.