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The Pediatric Epilepsy Program is part of the UW Health's Comprehensive Epilepsy Program that features specialized epilepsy care for patients of all ages.
We offer a broad range of expertise to children with epilepsy and their families, treating the entire spectrum of epilepsy patients - from children who have experienced their first seizure to those whose epilepsy has progressed to a more difficult stage. Our resources are designed to help children with epilepsy live active, productive lives.
  • Advanced diagnostic, medical and surgical evaluation and treatment of epilepsy
  • A comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment approach, featuring epileptologists, neuropsychologists, neuroradiologists, epilepsy neurosurgeons, and epilepsy nursing and EEG technologists
  • Surgical treatment of epilepsy, including intraoperative monitoring, vagal nerve stimulators and resective surgery
  • Access to national antiepileptic medication trials
  • Bi-monthly comprehensive epilepsy patient management conferences in which patients with intractable epilepsy meet with members of the epilepsy team