Pediatric Fitness
Information for Parents

Pediatric Fitness

Information for Parents

Pediatric Fitness at UW Health offers a program to help children develop healthy habits of exercise and good nutrition. This unique program in Madison, Wisconsin, combines education with fun for children and teens. Our typical patients are 5-18 years old, though we can see children outside of this range under special circumstances.

Here's information parents might find useful as they work with their children to emphasize pediatric fitness.

Pediatric Fitness Clinic: Role of the family  
The Role of the Family
In the Pediatric Fitness Clinic, we see that families have the most success if the whole family is involved. The biggest impact on children's habits comes from watching the adults in their lives. Read more


Pediatric Fitness Clinic: The Issue of Obesity  
The Issue of Pediatric Obesity
Pediatric obesity is a topic that is frequently in the news. And with good reasons. The impact of obesity on our children's long-term health is significant. Recently, the Pediatric Fitness Clinic was featured in an HBO documentary, "The Weight of the Nation" that examined the issue.  Read more


Pediatric Fitness Clinic: Healthy eating  
Nutrition and Healthy Recipes


Pediatric Fitness Clinic: Scheduling appointments  
Pediatric Fitness Clinic Appointments


Pediatric Fitness Clinic: Internet resources  
Internet Resources