Pediatric Fitness
Physical Activity for Kids

Pediatric Fitness

Physical Activity for Kids

Start paying attention to how much exercise you are doing in a day including how long you exercise and the intensity of the activity (how vigorous). Kids should try to engage in at least 30 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity seven days a week.
Examples of Moderate Activity (250-420 calories per hour)
  • Walking (2 miles per hour or faster)
  • Biking (easy pace)
  • Dancing
  • Golf (carrying clubs)
  • Learn fun stretching and strength building exercise for kids | More videos

    Vacuuming/clean house
  • Mowing (power mower)
  • Volleyball
  • Raking leaves
Vigorous Activity (420+ calories per hour)
  • Walking uphill fast
  • Jogging
  • Jump rope
  • Digging and hauling
  • Soccer
  • Stair walking (15 min)
  • Biking (10 mph +)
  • Mowing (hand mower)
Kids Need More Activity

One way to approach this is to add steps into daily life.
  • 1 mile = 2100 average steps
  • 1 block = 20 average steps
  • 10 minutes of walking = 1200 average steps
Here are some ideas for adding steps:
  • Get off the bus a stop or two before your usual stop
    and walk the rest of the way
  • Use the furthest entrance from the parking lot or bus
  • When making a phone call, pace as you talk
  • If you can, walk or bike to a destination instead of
    taking a car
  • Walk over to a friend's house and talk "live" instead of phone or e-mail
  • During TV commercials, get up and move around the house
  • Form a walking group and meet to walk after eating lunch
  • Never drive through - park, get out and walk in
Other Ideas to Increase Activities
When you are at home and the weather is bad:
  • Set up a scavenger hunt
  • Hit a balled up sock around and try not to let it hit the floor
  • Basket ball hoops with over the door hooks work well
  • Play Twister
 When it's just you:
  • Practice hopscotch
  • Invent dance moves
  • Do jumping jacks
  • Use an exercise video
  • See how many sit-ups you can do
 For parents whose kids don't like sports:
  • Encourage your child to try lifelong activities like cycling, martial arts, hiking
  • Pick chores or work that involves physical activity - some kids are not motivated by a team sport but would walk a distance to earn money on a paper route
  • Plan family outings that are active like canoeing or inline skating