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How the Pediatric Kidney Stone Clinic Works

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In order to provide a full range of care at the Pediatric Kidney Stone Clinic, located within American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, a variety of medical professionals in the clinic will offer expertise related to kidney stone treatment.
What to Expect
A typical appointment in the Pediatric Kidney Stone Clinic lasts about 2 hours. During that time your child will see a urologist, a nephrologist and a dietitian.
  • Urologists have specialized knowledge and skill regarding problems of the urinary tract. They will assist in the evaluation of surgical options for treatment of kidney stones. 
  • Nephrologists specialize in the function and diseases of the kidney. They will check for possible metabolic problems that may be encouraging stones to develop.
These specialists can also arrange a medical management plan to help prevent more kidney stones from forming. A dietician can also help determine what eating habits may help avoid new kidney stones in the future.
During the Visit 
Your child will likely have blood drawn and be asked to have an X-ray taken. Before leaving the clinic we will have a preliminary diagnosis, but a definitive diagnosis cannot be made until the lab results are complete. This usually takes two weeks. We will contact you when we have the results. If you have not heard from us or are worried about the condition of your child, please call us at (608) 263-6420. 
Urgent Appointments 
The majority of patients that come to the Pediatric Kidney Stone Clinic are recommended by a referring physician. Patient appointments are available every other month. However, in case of emergency, individual clinic personnel can readily be made available for immediate care and treatment of the pain associated with kidney stones. For convenience and immediate care, it is recommended that your referring doctors consult the UW Health Access Center. Non-urgent appointments can be made directly through the Pediatric Specialty Clinic at (608) 263-6420.