Type 1 Diabetes Resources

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes Resources

The pediatric diabetes specialists at American Family Children's Hospital present these resources for patients and families with Type 1 diabetes.

Health Facts for You

Low Sugar: Routine Treatment Diabetes Care Plan 
Low Sugar: When You Can't Eat Sick Day Guidelines | Pautas de días de enfermedad cuando tiene diabetes tipo 1
Low Sugar: Emergency Glucagon | Kit de emergencia de glucagón Using Insulin Pens 
High and Low Blood Glucose (Sugar) Reactions Mini-Dose Glucagon

At School

What is a 504 Plan? For School Nurses: eSchoolCare 
Sports Participation Form (pdf) Scholarships for Diabetics 
Wisconsin Diabetes Resources for Students Daycare, Camps and Recreational Programs (ADA)
Safe at School (ADA) Diabetes Care Tasks at School (ADA)