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American Family Children's Hospital's Remarkable Care

Watch Our TV Ads

Check out our American Family Children's Hospital TV commercials, featuring our remarkable patients, Lydia and Andrew, and the world-renowned physicians, scientists and nurses who helped them.

Lydia's Favorite Things

Lydia is a 14-year-old diagnosed with esophageal achalasia. Unable to eat, Lydia lost 20 percent of her body weight and had to stop playing soccer. Thanks to American Family Children's Hospital's pediatric surgical team, using a minimally-invasive technique, Lydia was back on the field in no time.

What Andrew Likes

Andrew was diagnosed at 2 years of age with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Because of the care and treatment he received from our pediatric oncology team, Andrew is now cancer-free and a very active 8-year-old hockey player.

We Fixed Kennedy's Heart, So She Is Sick No More

Kennedy was diagnosed with a Ventricular Septal Defect, or a hole in in heart, when her mother was 20 weeks pregnant. After being closely monitored for two years, Kennedy's care team noticed damage to her tricuspid valve and she had open-heart surgery to repair the hole. Like all good bedtime stories, Kennedy's has a happy ending and she'll live happily ever after.