Bone Dysplasia Clinic

Contact Information

(608) 263-3301

The Bone Dysplasia Clinic treats patients with bone growth disorders (including dwarfing disorders) and bone structure abnormalities and provides consultative services to local health care providers.


  • To determine a specific diagnosis, the cornerstone of both adequate care and appropriate counseling
  • To maintain optimal health of individuals affected by bone growth disorders
  • To empower individuals and their families with knowledge and understanding of the care process


  • Multidisciplinary medical management and anticipatory care to address the unique health and developmental aspects of the individual's specific disorder.
  • Information regarding environmental adaptations in the home, school and workplace.
  • Genetic information, recurrence risks, pregnancy counseling, and referral for prenatal diagnosis and obstetrical management.
  • Ongoing support, counseling and referral services to patients and their families.