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Clinic Visit Overview

Pediatric Heart Care

Clinic Visit Overview

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Common Procedures and Tests

The Pediatric Heart Care Team at American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, specializes in the care of children with heart-related conditions.
Our team consists of physicians, nurses, echocardiogram sonographers and receptionists.
Our goal is to provide individualized treatment and education for your child's health.
Please note, your initial clinic visit may last approximately one hour. If additional tests are required, that may prolong your visit time.

Preparing for Your Visit
To make your clinic visit more efficient please make sure the following items are faxed before or brought to your appointment:
  • Pertinent medical records from your local doctor
  • Recent ECG's, chest x-ray's, or any other pertinent test results
  • A list of your child's current medications
  • Any necessary insurance referral
Please fax items to the Pediatric Cardiology office at (608) 265-8065
 Your Clinic Visit
  • The Pediatric Specialty Clinic is on the 2nd floor of American Family Children's Hospital. Finding Your Way
    video; Getting to American Family Children's Hospital Getting to American Family Children's Hospital 
  • If you have been told you need testing before your appointment, please arrive early for your appointment. For lab test, please arrive 45 minutes early; for a chest X-ray, please arrive 30 minutes early; for electrocardiogram (ECG) please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. 
  • If an echocardiogram is being done, this adds an hour onto the appointment time. If additional tests are needed the appointment time may be prolonged.
  • A nursing assistant or medical assistant will check in your child. After obtaining your child's height, weight, pulse and blood pressure your family will be taken to an exam room.
  • A nurse practitioner, resident or medical student with go through a health history and do a physical exam.
  • If needed, an EKG or pulse ox is obtained in the exam room
  • After reviewing available information, a physician and/or nurse practitioner will examine your child and discuss a plan of care. This plan may include additional testing, including common procedures and tests.
What to Expect
You may encounter several different health care professionals during your care at the Pediatric Cardiology clinic. These individuals work together as your Health Care Team to provide the best care possible.
Special Note for Patients Being Seen at an Outreach Site
UW Health Pediatric Cardiologists see many patients at outreach clinic locations. If you have questions related to your visit in one of those locations, please contact those clinics directly.