Pediatric Sleep Disorders

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Pediatric Sleep Disorders

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The specialists at the Pediatric Sleep Clinic treat children who have a variety of sleep-related problems including:
  • Sleep-disordered breathing
  • Obstructive apnea
  • Central apnea
  • Night terrors
  • Sleep walking
  • Bruxisim (grinding the teeth)
  • Insomnia
  • Hypersomnia (sleeping too much)
  • Excessive wakefulness at night
  • Circadian rhythm disturbance (staying up very late and sleeping very late)
  • Narcolepsy
Patients seen at our clinic will experience an interdisciplinary evaluation and management by a pediatric pulmonologist, neurologist, child psychiatrist and UW Health nursing staff.   

Pediatric Sleep Studies

A polysomnogram, or an overnight sleep test, is carried out to evaluate how a person sleeps. This is an outpatient overnight test which assesses a child's sleep for eight hours or more. The polysomnogram is generally carried out at a separate time from the clinic visit.

If your child is scheduled for a polysomnogram you will be given specific instructions including arrival time. We expect a parent or guardian to stay with an infant or child during the sleep test. A cot is available for the parent or guardian. During the sleep test your child is connected to up to 18 different channels of information recorded continuously. Later this information is scored and interpreted by the sleep disorders center staff.

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