Developmental Pediatrics
UW Health's developmental pediatricians in Madison, Wisconsin, provide services for infants and children with a wide range of developmental needs. We serve children with established developmental disorders as well as children who may be at risk of delays in their development.
Our developmental pediatrics services and programs are all housed within the University of Wisconsin-Madison Waisman Center, located directly across from American Family Children's Hospital. Our division practices the highest standards of family-centered care, drawing on the skills of our team of developmental pediatricians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, occupational, physical, and speech therapists, audiologists, social workers, family advocates and nutritionists.
Autism and Developmental Disabilities
The Autism and Developmental Disabilities Clinic is an interdisciplinary clinic that provides diagnosis and clinical care for children with a developmental disability, including autism spectrum disorders (ASD), intellectual disability, fragile X, and genetic disorders associated with developmental delay. Learn more
Down Syndrome
At the Down Syndrome Clinic, children and their families are seen for initial and follow-up visits to address concerns related to Down syndrome in the areas of feeding, growth, development, communication, behavior, hearing, therapy and support services. Genetic counseling is also provided in the clinic. Learn more
Neuromotor Development
At the Neuromotor Development Clinic, we evaluate the needs of young children (generally under three years of age) with motor disability, including early cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions that affect motor development. Learn more
Feeding Problems
Our Feeding Team works with children over 12 months of age with developmental disabilities who need help to be successful eaters. This includes children with feeding problems related to congenital anomalies or early complications of severe illness and children who have difficulty sucking, drinking, chewing, or swallowing due to oromotor, orosensory, or developmental disability. Learn more
Newborn Follow-Up
At the Newborn Follow-Up Clinic, our interdisciplinary team provides clinical care for infants recently discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) also provides ongoing care as these infants continue to develop. Learn more