Child Protection

As a full-service children's hospital with a commitment to community service, American Family Children's Hospital created a Child Protection Program designed to be a regional resource for Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Eastern Iowa.

American Family Children's Hospital Hitting Hurts initiative: Teenaged girl

Hitting Hurts

UW Health is joining a community-wide initiative to stop corporal punishment including spanking and hitting. As part of "Hitting Hurts," UW Health will create "No Hit Zones" in all of its facilities. Read more about Hitting Hurts
Support and Resources for Parents

Support and Resources

Being a new parent can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming. Find out where you can turn when you need support, or learn how you can manage the stress of being a new parent. Read more
Barbara Knox, MD

About the Program

The mission of the Child Protection Program is to promote the safety and well-being of all children. For Barbara Knox, MD, a child abuse physician, one of the most rewarding aspects of her job is knowing that she has been able to make a difference. Meet Dr. Knox through her video and hear about the program in her own words.
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Keeping Kids Safe

Child abuse is a difficult subject to talk about. But, it is important to be informed in order to help keep kids safe. Learn more about the effects of child abuse, and how you can help prevent it. Learn more
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