Dane County Safe Sleep Initiative: Safe Sleep Sabbath

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Dane County Safe Sleep Initiative: Safe Sleep Sabbath


Seven local churches


Contact Rishelle Eithun at (608) 669-5219 or reithun@uwhealth.org.

To support families and caregivers in keeping their infants safe, the Faith-based Work Group of the Dane County Safe Sleep Initiative  will hold the second annual Safe Sleep Sabbath event at multiple African-American churches on Sunday. The focus of this project will be for clergy and faith leaders to share safe sleep practices to improve the health of infants in our community.

Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths in Dane County

  • In the past 5 years (2011-2015), 24 babies died in an unsafe sleep environment
  • This is one preventable infant death every 76 days
  • Eleven of these infants that died were Black 
  • More than 40 area organizations participate with the Dane County Safe Sleep Initiative.

On Sunday, congregation members will see a visual display of a safe sleep environment.  This includes Pack–n-Plays with a lifelike baby positioned on its back, in a sleep sac for warmth and nothing else in the sleep area.