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Change Harvest

Change Harvest is a fun and easy-to-do fundraising campaign to support patient and family programs at the brand new American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison.

Youth philanthropy, which is coordinated through the hospital’s Kids Helping for Kids program, is an important source of funding. It also helps empower and celebrate schools and young people who are looking for a worthy cause to support.

How does “Change Harvest” work?
Most classes or grades will want to do a “Change Challenge” with a goal of scoring the most points at the end of the game, typically lasting for one week. Classes, grades or teachers and students can compete against one another to see who can reach the highest score.

Each coin is worth its face value in points (a dime is worth 10 points, etc.). Paper money bills are worth their face value in negative points! Therefore, a team earns points by placing coins in their class or grade bucket, and can “sabotage” opposing classes or grades by adding bills to their bucket. The class/grade with the most points wins the challenge.
What happens to the money that is raised? 

All proceeds will help ensure that our patients receive the highest-quality care through various programs, including our Sibling Care Center, Positive Image Center, and Kohl’s Safety Center. These proceeds also support research and provide families with housing, meals, transportation and emergency assistance.

How do we get started?

  1. Fill out the Kids Helping For Kids Registration Form (pdf).
  2. Send it to Lori Schultz or fax it to (608) 265-9650.
  3. Submit your proceeds (to your local bank) and get a final total.
  4. E-mail Lori Schultz to indicate your final fundraising total.
  5. Send a check to the address below or wire the funds to Capitol Bank in Madison. We will supply bank wiring information when you register.
American Family Children’s Hospital
c/o Lori Schultz
600 Highland Ave., Mail Code 9920
Madison, WI 53792