Home Together

Parenting in the Early Years

Home Together

The big day is here when you will leave the hospital, not as a couple, but as a family. It is a very joyous event. Emotions and anticipation fill the day.

Once home, you will get your baby settled, fed and properly welcomed. Then the attention should shift to you!

Help is Important

Help is really important! Your partner, mother, mother-in-law or friend is a welcome addition while you recover. Be sure you are comfortable with the person who comes to help. If you are going to find yourself fussing with housework or meals to please your helper, then it is not worth it. If you are breast-feeding, it is important that the person be supportive of your wishes. Remember, help is all-important, but choose a helper with whom you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Ask someone to help you with the laundry and grocery shopping for the first few weeks. It is recommended that you not lift or carry anything heavier than the baby for the first two weeks.

Housework should be done gradually. No one will expect you to have a spotless house. Again, do a little at a time.

Straighten beds, wash dishes, vacuum or sweep floors only when absolutely necessary. All of this minimizes chores. Husbands or partners can be a great help in sharing these tasks. You can sort and then fold dried clothes, and your helper can wash and put them away. Again, the heaviest thing you should be lifting is your baby.

Don't try to be a gourmet cook. Casseroles can usually be stretched for a couple of days. If friends offer to bring over a dish, by all means take them up on it.

Visitors and Calls

You will find friends and relatives anxious to visit you and your baby. Everyone loves showing off their new baby. However, a lot of visiting can be tiring. Keep visits short. Inform your guests that you are tired and your doctor advised you to rest.

Family members and friends with contagious infections including the common cold should wait till they are well before coming to visit and be sure everyone clean their hands before picking up your new infant.