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AAA Child Passenger Safety Inspection Station

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Keeps Kids Safe With the Proper Car Seat

AAA Child Passenger Safety Inspection Center at American Family Children's HospitalAt the AAA Child Passenger Safety Inspection Station at the American Family Children's Hospital, certified child passenger safety technicians offer families of hospitalized patients hands-on training on the correct use and installation of child restraints.
We also advise parents and caregivers regarding what restraint is age- and size-appropriate for their child passengers.
Children with special health care needs can be provided with an evaluation of their transportation needs prior to hospital discharge. Special needs seats are available for a variety of medical conditions, and child passenger safety technicians working with special needs children have received additional training in transporting children with special health care needs.
The inspection station is located near the UW Hospital emergency room entrance. For an appointment, please call (608) 890-8078. Appointments are on Tuesday afternoon and by appointment only.
Preventing Serious Injuries and Saving Lives
The AAA Child Passenger Safety Inspection Station supports the message that, when used consistently and effectively, child safety seats prevent serious injuries and save kids' lives.
"Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. and in the state of Wisconsin," says Nicole Vesely, American Family Children's Hospital SAFE Kids Coalition coordinator.
"We know safety seats make a difference in saving the lives of children, and inspection stations are a successful tool in educating parents."
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Web site supports Peterson's contention, saying, "Safety seats for infants and small children riding in motor vehicles are one of the most successful auto safety innovations of the 1960s."
In 2006, the state of Wisconsin enhanced its safety requirements with a law requiring children younger than 8 years or less than 4 feet 9 inches and 80 pounds to be properly seated in a booster seat. The SAFE Kids Coalition was a staunch advocate of the bill during debate.