Asthma Internet Resources

Child Health Advocacy and Safety

Asthma Internet Resources

The American Family Children's Hospital Asthma Advocacy Program in Madison, Wisconsin, is a partnership of health care providers committed to reducing the burden of asthma in Dane County.

Asthma Resources for Parents

Asthma Resources for Students and Children

Asthma Education Programs in Schools

  • Iggy and the Inhalers: Asthma education program for elementary school students. Evaluation of this education program showed one month retention of knowledge learned. Program includes video, comic book, trading cards and stickers.
  • Fight Asthma Now: An education program out of Chicago for both elementary and teen students.
  • Open Airways for Schools: American Lung Association program for elementary school students. 

Quitting Smoking

Wisconsin Quitline: Medication information, counseling and web forums from the University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention.