Kids' Safety

American Family Children's Hospital is a state and regional leader in injury prevention and safety advocacy on behalf of children. In our child health advocacy efforts, our vision is to measurably improve the health status and well-being of Wisconsin's children through community partnerships that address top risks to children's health. Our child health advocacy areas of focus include safety, access to medical and dental care, nutrition and physical fitness, literacy and school health.

Kohl's Safety Center at American Family Children's Hospital: Father and son in wagon
Safety Center
The Safety Center at American Family Children's Hospital offers a variety of child safety products and injury prevention education materials. You can shop for products, receive educational materials and ask our trained staff questions about child safety. Most items are less expensive than at local retailers.  Learn more  or contact us at (608) 890-8043.
Kohl's Safe to Sleep Program at American Family Children's Hospital: Sleeping baby

Safe to Sleep Program

The goal of the Safe to Sleep Program is to help educate families on safe sleep environments.  Learn more  or contact us at (608) 669-5219.

American Family Children's Hospital Safe Kids coalition: child in safety seatSafe Kids Coalition

Safe Kids Madison Area supports "Where's Baby? Look Before You Lock," the NHTSA's efforts to prevent heat stroke in cars as the weather warms.
Upcoming Safety Events:  Calendar of Events

American Family Children's Hospital Child Protection: Young girlChild Protection

Our Child Protection Program reflects an intensified commitment on the part of American Family Children's Hospital to diagnose, report and treat instances of suspected child abuse and neglect. Learn more
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