Mowing Means Knowing...

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Mowing Means Knowing...

... Where Your Kids Are

Liam of Cottage Grove, WisconsinDon’t let a split second impact your child forever

More than 16,000 children and teens are hurt each year because of lawn mower injuries. Finger tips, hands, arms, legs and feet can be at risk when the person mowing is distracted, even for a split second.

If you can remember one thing to keep your kids safe, it’s this:

Mowing Means Knowing – where your children are.

Meet Liam

A few years ago, Liam, then age 6, was out in the yard one day. While playing, he tripped over a tree branch and fell down. Someone was cutting the grass with a riding mower and, in a split second, backed up over Liam’s right leg, not knowing he was there.

While UW Health pediatric surgeons saved Liam’s leg, this little boy lost most of his heel and calf. Today, Liam needs a special shoe and uses a brace to help him walk. It’s not easy, but Liam is lucky it wasn’t worse.

“Our family would never want this to happen to another child,” says Liam’s mom, Mariah. “When you start mowing your lawn, please remember that ‘mowing means knowing’ where your kids are.”

6 Easy Mowing Safety Tips

  1. Before starting the lawn mower, know where all children are. Talk to them and be sure they stay out of the yard when someone is mowing. Keeping kinds in the house is the ideal safety practice.
  2. If children are playing outside, designate a supervisor (not the person mowing) of the kids while the lawn mower is in use.
  3. Never allow a child to ride as a passenger on a riding mower.
  4. Teach children that lawn mowers are not toys.
  5. Children should be at least age 12 to operate a walk-behind mower.
  6. Children should be at least age 16 to operate a riding lawn mower.

Print out the two-sided card (pdf) or poster (pdf) for display

Don’t Let a Split Second Impact Your Child Forever

Watch the videos below for more information, or contact the SAFE KIDS Madison Area Coalition at (608) 890-8999.