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The Safety Center at American Family Children's HospitalThe goal of the Safety Center at American Family Children's Hospital is to offer a variety of child safety products and injury prevention education materials to families at the Children's Hospital and throughout Wisconsin.
At the Safety Center, you can shop for products, receive educational materials and ask our trained staff questions about child safety. Most items are less expensive than at local retailers.

This unique Safety Center serves as a resource for all Wisconsin families.
Child Safety is Important
Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death to children ages 14 and under. With education and properly used child safety products, injuries are preventable.
At the Safety Center, parents and families have an opportunity to practice using different types of safety products. Brochures on preventing childhood injury are also available to families.
Let us help you prevent injuries to your child.
Safety Products Make Great Gifts
If you know expecting parents, or have children of your own, the Safety Center offers safety products at prices lower than you'll find in stores. For the next baby shower gift, consider a diaper bag filled with safety items and a guide to help parents keep their new baby safe. Car seats, helmets, smoke detectors are just a few of the items available at low cost. And look for special items throughout the year, including an Easter basket bike helmet filled with goodies and more.
Our Products
The Safety Center offers a variety of child safety products at a low cost, including the following items:
  • Bike and ski helmets
  • Child safety seats, including booster seats 
  • Safety gates 
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Outlet plugs 
  • Furniture straps 
  • Drawer latches and cabinet locks 
  • Gun locks 
  • Secure Solutions Childproofing Kit

Staff at the Safety Center is trained to teach to you how to properly install and use safety products. Staff is also available to answer your general questions about preventing childhood injury.

Any Questions? Just Ask

Testing a smoke detector

Please do not hesitate to ask Safety Center staff any questions you might have about child safety. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions…answered:

  • How will I know what safety products I need? 
    Safety Center staff can help you to determine which products are appropriate for your child.
  • Who can tell me how to install or set up my new safety product?
    Our trained staff will walk you through the proper installation and maintenance of safety products. You can even try some products right in the Safety Center.
  • Are safety items expensive?
    We make every effort to offer safety products at the lowest possible cost. You will find most items are less expensive than at local retailers.
  • What about my special needs child - do you have any items to promote his or her safety?
    Yes, please discuss your child’s needs with our Safety Center staff. We promote safety for all children.