Introducing "CATCH"

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Introducing "CATCH"

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A new initiative is underway to help raise awareness of American Family Children's Hospital and its mission of volunteerism and advocacy on behalf of the children we serve.

"Community Around the Children's Hospital", or "CATCH" for short, began last fall with 19 initial members. The goal is to engage a younger audience with the mission of the hospital and encourage direct participation with its mission in the community.

As part of the group's mission, CATCH members:

  • Collaborate together to further advance the missions and priorities of American Family Children's Hospital
  • Engage by developing meaningful connections and collaborative relationships within their personal spheres of influence
  • Support the Children's Hospital by volunteering time, participating in events and advocating on its behalf

CATCH members have the chance to attend exclusive events that feature networking, talks by researchers and physicians, and family-centered gatherings. Members also volunteer at the hospital serving family meals or assisting at events that benefit the Children's Hospital.

Jonathon Jordan, Co-Chair of CATCH, has experienced the care firsthand when his son Jachin was treated at the hospital.

"I will never forget the feeling of trust that my wife and I had placed in the doctors and nurses at AFCH. I was so impacted by our experience that I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of CATCH and be an ambassador for the hospital as well as the patients and families. Madison is an amazing community of people who want to make a difference and CATCH offers that, as well as an opportunity to serve with area business leaders."

CATCH will open its membership in July, and more information on how to become a member will be available this spring.