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Mary Cornelia Bradley and her GrandfatherTo ensure that children and families from Wisconsin and beyond continue to receive the very best medical care, the Mary Cornelia Bradley Donor Society recognizes philanthropy committed to continued excellence at American Family Children's Hospital.

After the loss of their six-year-old daughter, Mary, Dr. Harold Cornelius Bradley and his wife Mary Josephine Crane created a loving tribute by raising funds to open the first children's hospital in Madison.

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More than 90 years after the Bradleys' gift established Madison's first children's hospital, monumental changes have transpired in the way hospitalized children are loved, cared for and respected. What remains constant however, is the UW's preeminent role at the forefront of discovery for treating and curing children of many complex diseases.

Today, American Family Children's Hospital has a strong foundation rooted in the four-fold mission of service, scholarship, science and social responsibility. And, it all began when tragedy was turned to hope through a family's loving and generous remembrance of their daughter whose life was taken far too soon.

*The three locations were the Mary Cornelia Bradley Hospital for the Study of Children's Diseases, Wisconsin Orthopedic Hospital and the original University Hospital at 1300 University Avenue.