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Recycling Myths About Old Car Seats

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Recycling Myths About Old Car Seats

Car seatsMadison, Wisconsin - It’s a myth that is recycled over and over again – car and booster seats that are passed down in the family or sold at spring garage sales are safe.

“Car and booster seats that are more than six years old or those sold at garage sales and thrift stores are not safe for kids,” said Nicole Vesely, Safe Kids Madison coordinator at American Family Children’s Hospital. “There is no telling if a car or booster seat bought at a garage sale has been in a car crash. Instead of recycling the myth that used car seats are safe to use, recycle the car seat.”

American Family Children’s Hospital is partnering with Safe Kids, Kohl’s and AAA on Car Seat Recycle Day on Saturday, April 20 from 9am to noon in the parking lots outside of Kohl’s at West Towne and East Towne Malls.

“It’s as easy as driving up to a drop-off site and handing over the old car or booster seat,” said Vesely.

More than 300 car and booster seats were recycled at last year’s event.

Volunteers will take apart the seats at the drop-off site and recycle the materials. Volunteers are needed to staff the two drop-off sites. Volunteers must be high school age or older. You may volunteer by contacting Nicole Vesely at (608) 890-8998 or by e-mail at

Date Published: 04/09/2013

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