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Medical Experts Support Youth Concussion Law

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Medical Experts Support Youth Concussion Law

Football; UW Health Urges Legislation to Protect Young AthletesMadison, Wisconsin - Recently at the Wisconsin state capitol, UW Health sports medicine physician Dr. David Bernhardt urged the state Senate to pass new legislation that will help decrease the number of repeat concussions in young athletes.

Take Action: Write your legislator to support the bill

Patients, family members, other physicians and former Badger and Green Bay Packer Mark Tauscher also took part in the news conference supporting Senate Bill 243 (SB 243), which has bipartisan sponsors and strong bipartisan support.

The bill requires that a child who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury during an athletic activity be removed from the activity immediately and not return to play until he or she is evaluated by a health care provider.

"This common-sense bill will help prevent kids from experiencing a second head injury before they've recovered from the first one," says Bernhardt, who is also a professor in the department of pediatrics and ortho/rehab at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. "When a second injury occurs to a brain that has not yet healed, that child's recovery can be significantly prolonged-negatively affecting not only their academic success but their overall personal well-being. This bill isn't about getting kids back to playing sports, it's about keeping these kids safe so they can reach their full potential."

Similar legislation has passed in 31 other states, and the Wisconsin State Assembly unanimously passed a version of the bill last year with bipartisan legislative sponsors. Bernhardt and other supporters say it is critical to the health of our young athletes that the Senate pass the legislation before the session ends in March,

Date Published: 02/22/2012