After Hours Medical Help

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After Hours Medical Help

Pediatric After Hours Clinic

UW Health University Station

2880 University Ave

Madison, WI | Map


Weekday Evenings

Phone Hours 5-11pm

Clinic Hours 5-8:30pm



Phone Hours 8am-11pm

Clinic Hours 8am-2:30pm


Sundays and Many Holidays

Phone Hours 8am-11pm

Clinic Hours 8am-2:30pm

Your doctor and office staff are trained to help in the prevention and treatment of childhood illness. Establishing a consistent doctor-patient relationship and seeking advice from your child's doctor's office will help your child receive the best medical care.

When your child has a medical problem that is not urgent and occurs after office hours, it is best to wait until the following day to speak to your own pediatrician.

In the event of an emergency, call 911.

If you need help after office hours, you should call your doctor's office, and a nurse or physician will be available to help.

Patients who need to be seen after office hours can be seen by UW Health pediatricians in the Pediatric After Hours Clinic. This clinic is by appointment only. Please call your regular UW Health clinic after hours to be transferred to a nurse, who will help determine if an appointment is necessary.

Phone Advice and After Hours Services

Call your doctor's office after the clinic is closed. The answering service will forward your call to the pediatric triage nurse on call.

  • Give the operator the following:
    • Your name and your child's name
    • Your child's age
    • The name of your child's doctor
    • The nature and degree of urgency of the problem
      • Please use these definitions when calling:

        Non-Urgent: Problems that can wait an hour for a return call

        Urgent: Problems that need a return call as soon as possible

        Emergency: Life-threatening problems. Contact 911 to transport your child immediately to a hospital emergency room

  • Have pen and paper handy to record specific instructions
  • Have your pharmacy phone number handy

Every effort will be made to return your call promptly, but if you have not been called within thirty minutes, call again. There could be an error in recording the number or phone line trouble. Please keep the phone line open.

Pediatric After Hours Clinic

This clinic is available to treat ill patients who need to be seen the same day. The clinic is staffed by UW Health pediatricians. A pediatric nurse is available for phone advice.

If your child needs to be seen, the nurse will arrange an appointment time. Please do not walk in without an appointment. You can reach the after hours clinic by calling your doctor's office.

The clinic is located at UW Health University Station, 2880 University Avenue, Madison. Full laboratory and X-ray facilities are available. See the following map page for the location of the clinic.

The Pediatric After-Hours Clinic (PAC) is not a walk-in clinic. Appointments are needed. PAC is located at UW Health University Station clinic, on the first floor. View map