Recommended Examination Schedule

Parenting in the Early Years

Recommended Examination Schedule

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Health Facts for You

How to Choose a Doctor for Your Baby

UW Health pediatricians generally recommend the following schedules for examinations and immunizations.

Consult your primary pediatrician for specific information regarding your child.


We encourage you to schedule a prenatal visit to meet your pediatrician. Health supervision visits should then be scheduled for the child at the following ages:

Age at Visit Handouts
4 days for infants who were hospitalized less than 48 hours after birth  
2-3 weeks Two Week Check-Up - Nursing Infants (pdf) | Two Week Check-Up - Formula Fed Infants (pdf)
2 months Newborn Check-Up (pdf)
4 months 4 Month Check-Up (pdf)
6 months 6 Month Check-Up (pdf)
9 months 9 Month Check-Up (pdf)
12 months 12 Month Check-Up (pdf)
15 months 15 Month Check-Up (pdf)
18 months 18 Month Check-Up (pdf)
2 years 2 Year Check-Up (pdf)
3 years 3 Year  Check-Up (pdf)
4 years 4 Year Check-Up (pdf)
5 years (Pre-Kindergarten exam) 5 Year Check-Up (pdf)
6 years 6 Year Check-Up (pdf)
7-8 years 7-8 Year Check-Up (pdf)
9-10 years 9-10 Year Check-Up (pdf)
11-13 years 11-13 Year Check-Up (pdf)
14-16 years 14-16 Year Check-Up (pdf)
17-20 years 17-20 Year Check-Up (pdf)