SIDS Precautions

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SIDS Precautions

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The exact cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) also known as crib death is not known. SIDS is the leading cause of death in infants up to one year of age.

Following are ways you can reduce the risk of SIDS

  • Always put your baby to sleep on her back
  • Use a firm mattress
  • Avoid loose bedding, quilts and soft mattresses
  • Guard against overbundling and overheating
  • Do not let your baby sleep with stuffed toys or pillows
  • Ban smoking around your baby
  • Consider breast-feeding
  • Educate babysitters, daycare providers, and grandparents about SIDS prevention
  • Make sure that your baby gets all of her immunizations
  • Be aware that bed sharing with a baby has resulted in some cases of suffocation and increases the risk of SIDS. However sleeping in his own crib in the same room with parent reduces the risk of SIDS
  • Beginning after one month of age, consider offering a pacifier when your baby is placed down to sleep. Do not replace if it falls out.
  • Home monitoring systems do not reduce the incidence of SIDS and are not recommended except under special conditions