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Consumer Health Magazines/Newsletters

ADDitude Magazine - this is the first magazine for people with attention deficit disorder. It provides health reporting, medical news and lifestyle advice for families and individuals. It also offers special reports on topics such as teens and ADD, strategies for summer fun, starting a new school year off right and effectively managing medications.
Body + Soul - this magazine gives you the smart, simple ideas you need to take care of yourself, your family and the planet in a way that is natural, sustainable and personally satisfying.
Child Health Alert - this newsletter covers topics on child safety, infant nutrition, respiratory infections, dyslexia, gastrointestinal problems, injuries, antibiotics for colds and immunization.

Consumer Reports on Health – this newsletter offers you the latest healthcare, wellness and exercise information, along with the newest and most effective drugs, the dangerous supplements, personal care information, and more, plus you also get critical health warnings and consumer protection information.

Diabetes Self-Management – this magazine offers up-to-date, practical "how-to" information on nutrition, exercise, new drugs, medical advances, self-help, and the many other topics people need to know about to maximize their health. 

NIH MedlinePlus Salad – this is a FREE, new magazine for people who want health information in Spanish. The National Institutes of Health, the National Library of Medicine and the Friends of the National Library of Medicine recently launched NIH MedlinePlus Salud.

Nutrition Action Health Letter - this newsletter encourages readers to stay healthy through good nutrition. This is the organization that exposed the high fat content of movie theater popcorn and opposed the FDA approval of Olean, the fat substitute.
Parent & Child - the mission of this magazine is to help parents keep pace with their children's developmental growth, both at home and at school. It strives to help parents raise children who are ready to learn, willing to share and eager to be a part of the wonders of our world.

Pediatrics for Parents (free by email for one year) - learn about children's health with Pediatrics for Parents. Each issue has several articles written by health professionals on children's health, advances in pediatrics, harmful products and much more.

Tuft's University Health Letter - this newsletter places a strong emphasis on nutrition and covers topics like vitamins, antioxidants, calcium for prevention of osteoporosis and ginkgo biloba.