Family Kitchens, Lounges and Other Amenities

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Family Kitchens, Lounges and Other Amenities

The Family Lounge at American Family Children's HospitalAt American Family Children's Hospital, our family kitchens and lounges offer the many comforts of home. This helps families stay focused on the healing and recovery process of their child.
Families can prepare a meal in our kitchen and spend quality time together. Refrigerators are also available to store food.
The family lounges also offer a large TV and several computer workstations. They provide a comfortable place for family members and visitors to eat, read, catch up on the news and get to know other families without disturbing the hospitalized child, who may be resting or receiving care.
A special lounge is also available for families of children in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), along with sleeping rooms for parents.
Other amenities for families at the American Family Children's Hospital include:
  • Laundry 

    Clothes washers and dryers are available for parent use on each patient floor in the Family Lounge. Machines and soap are free of charge.
  • Television/DVD/Radios/Game Systems

    Each patient room in the American Family Children's Hospital is equipped with a television and DVD player. The television has local and cable channels, as well as an American Family Children's Hospital channel, and the C.A.R.E. Channel, which offers relaxing programming for patients. See full channel listing

    There is also a CD player and video game system in each patient room. Please see a Child Life staff member to get a CD or video game to check out. You are welcome to bring these items from home - please label them with a first and last name.
  • Telephones 

    Local calls to the Madison area may be placed from hospital phones by dialing a "9" before the number. Long distance calls can be placed collect or by a calling card. To place a calling card or collect call, dial "9-0" followed by the area code and number. Calls cannot be charged to patients' rooms. Pre-paid phone cards are available in the Gift Shop.

    Cellular telephones are permitted in the hospital, but should not be used within three feet of any medical equipment.
  • Exercise Room

    Featuring a treadmill, exercise bicycle, weights and other equipment, this room has two purposes. By day, it is a Rehabilitation Room for children in need of physical therapy. During evenings and weekends, the room is available for exercise workouts by parents of a hospitalized child.
Other Amenities