Overnight Stays: What to Bring

Patient and Family Guide

Overnight Stays: What to Bring

What to Bring for an Overnight Stay
Please bring the following items to the children's hospital:
  • Records of your child's past medical treatments
  • Information about prescription or non-prescription medications your child takes
  • Copies of your child's most recent laboratory test results and X-rays
  • Medical insurance identification card or policy number if you have private health insurance or Medicaid
  • The name and phone number of your child's primary care physician
  • Any equipment or supplies, such as wheelchairs or feeding tubes, unique to your child's care

To help your child feel more at ease in the surrounding of the hospital, we suggest you bring a few comfort items, which you should clearly label with your child's name:

  • Robe, pajamas, slippers
  • Comfortable, casual clothing, shoes
  • A blanket, toy, stuffed animal
  • Picture of family members, friends
  • School assignments

What Not to Bring for an Overnight Stay

Please leave any valuable items at home, or lock them in your cabinet in your child's room. We're sorry, but we cannot be responsible for items that are lost or stolen at the hospital.

Also, please do not bring electronic appliances such as plug-in radios, fans or heating pads to the hospital. All electrical hospital equipment is specially grounded to protect you. Items brought from home might not be grounded and can be hazardous in the hospital.

You are welcome to bring battery-operated items. In addition, personal computers (laptops or notebook computers) may be brought to the hospital but should be watched carefully and secured when not in use.

See also Patient Rooms to learn about game systems, DVD players and other amenities available in your child's room.