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familyThe Parent and Family Advisory Council strives to promote a positive, creative partnership to enhance relationships with the American Family Children's Hospital and the community.
The council serves as a representative group to advocate and become a liaison for families in an effort to meet the goal of the mission and vision of the American Family Children's Hospital.
Our vision is to work in partnership with American Family Children's Hospital staff and families, and to serve in an advisory capacity.
Can I join the Parent and Family Advisory Council?
Ideal candidates are those who can provide insight and constructive feedback that will help our hospital improve the quality of care we provide to patients and family members. Those who join the council will undergo an application process that is required of all UW Hospital and Clinics volunteers.
For more information about joining the council, please contact Patient and Family Services at (608) 890-7888.
Parent and Family Advisory Council Responsibilities
The responsibilities of the group are:
  • To promote and enhance the communication processes between staff and patients/families. To assist staff to effectively communicate treatment protocols and services that are available.
  • To assist in the support of families through the implementation of programs aimed at supporting families.
  • To help in an advisory capacity with the planning of physical plant updates and construction of future facilities.
  • To formulate ways to provide resources to patients and families in all phases of treatment.
  • To develop ways and to make clinic visits and inpatient stays more comfortable for patients and family members through programs, groups and special activities.
  • To provide a structure for the promotion of community-based organizations and programs that support patients and families.
  • To promote positive relationships between American Family Children's Hospital, its patients and their families, and the community.

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