Pediatric Health Psychology Services

Patient and Family Guide

Pediatric Health Psychology Services

Accessing Services

Inpatients can be referred to Health Psychology services by their physician.

Outpatients can access services by calling (608) 263-8060.

Pediatric Health Psychology exists to address the behavioral and emotional needs of patients of American Family Children's Hospital.
By helping to treat the whole child and his/her family, Pediatric Health Psychologists can ben an important addition to medical care. Among the services American Family Children's Hospital Pediatric Health Psychologists provide are:
  • Relaxation skill training
  • Biofeedback training
  • Psychological testing (e.g. intelligence, memory, personality, mood, attention)
  • Grief counseling
  • Consultation to a patient's health care team regarding management of difficult interpersonal situations between staff and families
  • Family, group, couples and individual therapy (including play therapy)
  • Outpatient psychological follow up
  • School consultation
  • Referral to local/community based psychologists
Coverage of Services
Many insurance plans cover the fees related to mental health treatment. Check with your health insurer or HMO and clarify the extent of your child's mental health benefits. If your child is not covered by health insurance or an HMO, please talk to your child's psychologist or hospital case manager.