Tyler's Place and Sibling Services

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Tyler's Place and Sibling Services

Tyler's Place

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Siblings can spend two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.


Sibling Requirements

Ages Served: 3-12 years

Children must be potty trained and health screened by Security 


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Tyler's Place at American Family Children's HospitalTyler's Place is a unique area in the American Family Children's Hospital where siblings can interact with other brothers and sisters while their sibling is in the hospital.
Tyler's Place is a supervised area, keeping families close together and helping support siblings by providing therapeutic activities and socialization with other siblings.
Parents can then give their full attention to their hospitalized child's care while brothers and sisters participate in structured activities with peers of their own age. It is located on Wisconsin Avenue in the American Family Children's Hospital, room 1425.
Sibling Services
When a brother or sister is hospitalized, it can be a confusing and overwhelming experience for a sibling. To help siblings understand the hospital environment, preparation is available before the brother or sister visits your hospitalized child.
Opportunities for therapeutic play, peer interaction, coping strategies and support can be provided to the sibling throughout your child's stay at American Family Children's Hospital.
Accessing Sibling Care Services
Prior to visiting Tyler's Place, parents and siblings will be asked each day to stop at Security for pre-screening. After the prescreening, you and your child will be given a sticker badge. This will help us facilitate and schedule a time for your child to participate in sibling care. We reserve the right to not accept children who might present a health risk to other children in Tyler's Place.
Tyler's Place: The Beginning
In 2002, Jeff and Kristin Tracy's son Tyler was born with pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDHC) deficiency, a rare genetic disorder. Tyler passed away in 2003 at the age of 17 months, and the Tracys decided to channel their grief in a positive direction.
Tyler's stay at UW Children's Hospital (now the American Family Children's Hospital) had imposed a dilemma on the Tracy family. They had two other small children - daughter McKayla and son Austin. The Tracys understandably wanted to devote their full attention to Tyler, but they still had to care for their two other little ones.
The difficult juggling act of parenting three young children was exacerbated by all of the inconveniences associated with a long hospital stay.

After Tyler ultimately died of his disease, the Tracys began work to help families who find themselves in the position they were in. They established a goal to raise $200,000 for Tyler's Place, the sibling services area in the new American Family Children's Hospital.
Helping Siblings Cope
No sibling should ever feel overlooked, uncared for, or abandoned because their brother or sister is hospitalized. Through Tyler's Place, negative feelings are diffused, and both parents and siblings are able to maintain and foster healthy family relationships.
"Even though Tyler has since passed away, Kristin and I are very excited that the new children’s hospital will have a sibling care center," says Tyler's father, Jeff. "Without question, the doctors, the staff and the expertise are truly world-class. What is missing – and what the new hospital will provide – is the space and modern facilities patients and families need to heal better."

"Every little bit of relief and hope you can give a family with a hospitalized child is worth its weight in gold," Jeff added.