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Camp Review: One Step at a Time Oncology Camp

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Camp Review: One Step at a Time Oncology Camp

10-year-old Bekah attended One Step at a Time (OSAAT) oncology camp and wrote a review about her experience. Learn more about Hematology and Oncology Camps for Children and Families

Bekah's OSAAT Review

Camp is really awesome! We did so many fun things! The theme at camp was "Survivor." We voted two counselors off the island. The next day they had to wear a funny hat. In the morning you chose from some activities - like swimming, fishing, crafts, movie making (AV) and more. Most days there was a bigger event in the afternoon. For example, one time we went golfing.

At One Step at a Time (OSAAT), there were lots of games. They made sure to keep it just at the right pace for you. If you could not run fast, they slowed it down a little. They have special days, like the dance, boat day and the camp-out.

When I went last year, I liked the day of the dance the best because we went bowling and a makeup artist came in and did our makeup and hair (if you had any - I didn't have much).

Boat day was fun, too. We went down to the boat dock then we went on the boat. There were snacks and drinks to eat on the boat. We got to jump off the boat and swim in the lake. When we got back we had burgers and hot dogs by the pool and went swimming. After dinner and swimming we went back to our cabin and watched a movie. The camp-out was fun, too. We went on a snipe hunt. I never really saw a snipe, but I heard them. I was kind of scared.

I liked camp for another reason. You make friends and they understand what you have been through. They have a different perspective. I don't have to explain everything and feel awkward about it. Camp was f-u-n spells FUN. I can hardly wait to go back!