Pediatric Dermatology

Services for Adults

UW Health Dermatology

UW Health's pediatric dermatology specialists in Madison, Wisconsin offers education, consultation and medical management of skin diseases in all pediatric age groups. We promote sun-awareness behavior in children of all ages and provide guidance for a lifetime of healthy skin, hair and nails.
We specialize in the care of various cutaneous conditions, including:
  • Pigmented or vascular skin lesions
  • Congenital or inherited skin disorders
  • Allergen-, viral- or medication-induced skin problems
  • Benign cutaneous neoplasms and skin conditions associated with systemic diseases
  • Comprehensive history and examination
  • Disease-specific tests and skin examinations
  • Evaluation and management of common skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, warts, molluscum, allergic contact dermatitis, hair loss and ringworm
  • Laser surgery for birthmarks and other benign vascular lesions
  • Skin biopsies and surgical excisions of benign and pre-malignant cutaneous lesions