Pediatric Ophthalmology

The UW Health Lions Pediatric Eye and Adult Strabismus Clinic was established in 1971. It was the first Clinic in Wisconsin devoted exclusively to the medical and surgical treatment of childhood eye disease and adult strabismus (eye muscle problems). Patients come from all over Wisconsin, the Midwest, and even from around the world to receive care in our clinic.

All our physicians are fellowship trained and certified as sub-specialists in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus. In addition, our staff includes orthoptists who are non-physician specialists trained to evaluate and treat eye muscle problems (strabismus)and disorders of binocular vision. Our clinic is among a select few in the country to be equipped to provide Visual Evoked Potential (sweep VEP) testing which allows us to evaluate the vision of infants and other non-verbal patients. Routine eye exams are also available with an optometrist experienced working with children.

Our clinic provides consultation as well as medical and surgical management of all eye disorders affecting children. We also evaluate and treat adults with eye muscle problems.

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