Pediatric Imaging: Why Low Dose?

Pediatric Imaging

Pediatric Imaging: Why Low Dose?

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Note: For cardiology procedures, please contact the cardiology clinic that scheduled the appointment.

At American Family Children's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, we strongly believe that because of their smaller size and longer life ahead of them, children should not be treated with the same imaging procedures we use on adult patients.

Our Imaging Pavilion was designed to put each child's safety first by ensuring that patients receive far lower doses of radiation than in conventional settings. So, while risk is already quite low, this technology even further reduces the likelihood of future complications.

American Family Children's Hospital was the first pediatric medical facility in the world to install new equipment that reduces by at least 50 percent the amount of radiation used during cardiac catheterizations and a variety of other radiologic imaging procedures.

Moreover, our new fluoroscopy equipment, which takes "real time" X-rays that show movement - such as swallowing, urine drainage or the bowel - also reduces radiation exposure to children by approximately 50 percent.

Linked as it is to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the world's great research institutions, American Family Children's Hospital is proud to offer patients and families low-dose radiation imaging procedures developed right on the UW-Madison campus.