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How Should I Feel When I Exercise?

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How Should I Feel When I Exercise?

UW Health Pediatric Fitness: Boy stretchingPediatric Fitness at UW Health offers a program to help children develop healthy habits of exercise and good nutrition.

When you exercise you will notice changes in the way your heart and lungs work. Your breathing may get heavier and you may feel your heart start to beat faster and harder. You may also become red-faced and start to sweat. All of these are normal body responses to exercise.

Exercise Cautions

If you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, or feel like you cannot catch your breath, take a break and sit down. Take care when exercising in extreme cold or heat. Be sure to drink lots of water and dress appropriately for weather conditions.

Soreness After Exercise

After your first few workouts you may feel sore or stiff. If this feeling resolves in a day or two, this is a normal response from a muscle that has been worked. Make sure you:

  • Stretch before and after you exercise
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Go at your own pace to lessen the score/stiff feeling

If any of these symptoms persist, contact your doctor.