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Pediatric Fitness

UW Health's Pediatric Fitness Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin helps children, teens and their families make healthier lifestyle choices through mindful eating and exercise. Our team of physicians, exercise physiologists and dietitians work with your family to improve medical problems due to inactivity and weight gain or to simply improve your fitness level.

Pediatric Fitness Clinic: Exercise is important

Exercise Is Important

Exercise is good for you for a number of reasons. With the expert-recommended 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous exercise each day, you can feel a positive impact on your physical, emotional and social well-being. Read more
Pediatric Fitness Clinic: What does eating healthy mean?

What Does Eating Healthy Mean?

The Pediatric Fitness Clinic prefers the phrase "competent eating." Competent eating is about the food you eat, when and where you eat it, and how much. Learn more about eating healthy. Also, try out our recipe for a tasty treat this holiday season: Chewy Oatmeal Cookie Bars, the Recipe of the Month for December.
Pediatric Fitness Clinic: Boy exercising with instructor and Bucky Badger

Get Fit

Our patients have the opportunity to exercise together in a fun, safe and supervised environment. The Pediatric Fitness Clinic's monitored exercise therapy program is offered after school for patients 10 years of age or older who can safely use the variety of equipment available. Learn more about Get Fit
Pediatric Fitness Clinic: Pediatric Fitness Minute

Pediatric Fitness In The News

Experts from UW Health's Pediatric Fitness Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin join NBC-15 to discuss a variety of topics about children's health and fitness. Watch the videos
Pediatric Fitness Clinic Fitness Contract

Your First Visit

At the first visit, you will be enrolled in the UW Health Pediatric Fitness Program, which includes monthly visits with a doctor, dietitian and exercise physiologist.  Learn more about Your First Visit to the Pediatric Fitness Clinic
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