Pediatric Orthopedics
Conditions and Treatments

Pediatric Orthopedics

Conditions and Treatments

The pediatric orthopedic medical staff at American Family Children's Hospital is comprised of some of the leading experts who provide multidisciplinary, specialized care for the treatment of a wide range of orthopedic and developmental conditions in children. 
We provide expert care for a wide range of conditions, including the following:

Treatments and Services

  • VEPTR (Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib) for severe scoliosis and thoracic insufficiency syndrome
  • Complex and routine fracture management
  • Digital replantation 
  • Evaluation and treatment of children with special needs, including cerebral palsy, upper extremity problems, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy, with close collaboration with other disciplines to provide the most comprehensive care
  • Limb lengthening and shortening procedures | Video: Logan Jadin's Story 
  • Management of congenital conditions, including developmental dysplasia of the hips, metatarsus adductus, clubfoot and limb deformities
  • Microvascular reconstruction
  • Treatment of scoliosis, spinal fractures, tumors and other spinal conditions, including management with observation, bracing and/or surgery depending on the child's curve and underlying conditions
  • X-ray imaging for evaluation of limb length and scoliosis
  • Videotaped analysis of gait patterns

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