Amazing Kids, Amazing Stories: Kathryn's Story

Pediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Amazing Kids, Amazing Stories: Kathryn's Story

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Audio icon; Hear Kathryn Salber's story in this radio segment Hear Kathryn's story in this radio segment 

Shortly after Kathryn Salber was born by caesarean section, she had a lot of trouble breathing. Her doctors in Wausau referred Kathryn to specialists at American Family Children's Hospital. She was diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome. In Kathryn's case, it meant her jaw was very small, impeding her ability to breathe.

Delora Mount, MD, a UW Health plastic and reconstructive surgeon at American Family Children's Hospital performed surgery to extend Kathryn's jaw and allow her airway to open. While she will require additional surgeries in the future, so far the results have been positive.

Amy Salber is grateful for the care she and her daughter have received. "It makes a difference when your doctor would treat your child as their own," she said.

Kathryn's Story