Orthotics Needs and Thera Togs Assessments

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Orthotics Needs and Thera Togs Assessments

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UW Health's pediatric rehabilitation specialists in Madison, Wisconsin, provide a multidisciplinary approach to your child's rehabilitation.

Children with neuromuscular deficits frequently have difficulty performing motor tasks due to poor postural stability, poor muscular strength, ataxia, spasticity, etc. Orthotics can provide the stability needed in the lower extremities for the development of  functional mobility skills. They can also be used to prevent the development of muscle contracture and joint deformity.

Our pediatric physical therapists participate in determining the need for specific types of lower extremity orthotics in the following ways:

  • Perform musculo-skeletal evaluations, gait evaluations, and functional
    mobility assessments
  • Provide consultation with physicians and orthotists regarding splinting and
    bracing needs
  • Ongoing follow-up and monitoring of fit, comfort and effectiveness of

Thera-Togs are an orthotic undergarment. They consist of a soft vest and shorts with a variety of elastic straps that can be used for positioning and body alignment. They provide dynamic support and facilitate neuro-muscular re-education. Thera Togs are typically used for children with motor impairments such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida or gait deviations.

To determine whether Thera Togs can be useful for a child, a thorough evaluation is required including musculo-skeletal, neurodevelopmental and functional motor assessments. 

More About Thera-Togs

  • Thera-Togs are used under the direction of a Physical or Occupational therapist to maintain improved posture and musculo-skeletal alignment of the trunk and limbs throughout the day. They can be used to position muscles and joints at a biomechanical advantage. 
  • Thera-Togs can be used to help a child sit straighter, walk without crossing legs, walk with legs tracking at appropriate angles, etc.
  • When used on a daily basis, Thera-Togs can help to promote strengthening
    of weakened muscles and development of more functional motor patterns. They provide a long-term carry-over of therapeutic intervention outside of
    the direct therapy session.