Amazing Kids, Amazing Stories: Brayden's Story

Pediatric Critical Care

Amazing Kids, Amazing Stories: Brayden's Story

Brayden GreiberUW Health pediatrician Carleen Hanson, MD, has performed many routine check-ups on newborns throughout her practice at the UW Health East Clinic in Madison.

In January 2011, however, she witnessed something highly unusual when two-week old Brayden Greiber of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, came in for a visit.

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"At the end of Brayden's check-up," says Dr. Hanson, "I was talking with his mom, Marisa, when Brayden suddenly turned pale. He got very quiet and was breathing shallowly. I listened to his heart, and his heart rate was low – a sign that his blood oxygen level also was low. We started oxygen, which helped him perk up and immediately sent him by ambulance to American Family Children's Hospital."

Four hours later, while being admitted to his hospital room, an even more frightening episode occurred. Brayden stopped breathing and his skin began to turn blue.

Brayden and his parents"Things started moving very fast," remembers Marisa. "They immediately inserted a breathing tube to get him oxygen. After what happened that morning at his check-up, we could not believe how close he came to his last breath."

After a few days in the hospital and very close monitoring by critical care physicians, nurses and staff, Brayden was doing well enough to come home. Marisa, her husband Ryan and their 2-year-old son, Austen, could not believe their good fortune.

"We are so grateful Brayden was in the right place at the right time," says Marisa. "Had he stopped breathing in the car, he would have died. For him to be at the hospital when this happened, we know there was an angel watching over him somewhere." Since January, Brayden has been doing just fine. Everyone is literally breathing easier.