C.H.E.T.A. Pediatric Critical Care Transport: Celebrating 10 Years

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C.H.E.T.A. Pediatric Critical Care Transport: Celebrating 10 Years

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C.H.E.T.A Critical Care Transport is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art ground transport unit ambulance, available to serve pediatric critical care needs. In August 2014, we're proud to celebrate 10 years of service to severely ill and injured children.

Did yoChildren's Hospital Emergency Transport Ambulance - CHETA - American Family Children's Hospital; Madison, Wisconsinu know?

  • C.H.E.T.A. actually stands for Children's Hospital Emergency Transport Ambulance, but our logo does include a cheetah - because we're fast and nimble!

  • In C.H.E.T.A.'s first year of operation in 2004, we transported 76 young patients. My, how we have grown! Last year, we transported about 360 patients - up almost 400 percent over our first year.

  • Just like a cheetah, we know how to roam. We've driven all over the place to transport children: Iron Mountain, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota, Central Iowa and more.

  • We're one of the few programs that carries an "Inexsufflator" (a.k.a. "Cough Machine"), vital for transporting young patients with a neuromuscular disorder.

  • We have a pediatric and neonatal critical care registered nurse and respiratory therapist on EVERY transport. And, if needed, a physician may ride along to help care for the patient.

  • C.H.E.T.A. staff tend to an ailing Bucky.We have the ability to do non-invasive pediatric ventilation onboard, as well as an isolette for our tiniest patients weighing less than 5 kilograms (or about 11 pounds).

  • This C.H.E.T.A. knows how to rock! We have a complete audio/visual station onboard, including DVDs and personal MP3 players to comfort (and sometimes distract) young patients during the ride.

  • We also have cool "telemedicine" capabilities, using an iPad to communicate with doctors in the American Family Children's Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).


Learn More About C.H.E.T.A. and Our Emergency Response Teams

Badger vs. Cheetah? Bucky behind the wheel of our C.H.E.T.A. ambulance.Our Critical Care Transport ambulance boasts the complete medical capabilities of the Med Flight helicopters, meaning it is equipped to safely carry severely ill and injured children to the attention of an appropriate health care team.

UW Health pediatric intensive care unit nurses and respiratory therapists staff Critical Care Transport and they have all been specially trained to respond to the specific needs of emergency and trauma situations.

Learn more about C.H.E.T.A. and our Emergency Response Teams