Our Pediatric Transport Team

Pediatric Critical Care

Our Pediatric Transport Team

When a seriously ill baby or child requires transportation to more specialized care, our pediatric transport team is ready to go.

The registered nurses and respiratory therapists on our team are specially trained in emergency medical care during transport. With their skills and life-sustaining equipment, we can transport children of all ages, including neonatal patients. Every transport is supervised by a UW Health attending physician who is an expert in transport medicine and pediatric critical care.

We bring the skills and expertise of a pediatric intensive care unit, with a few more bells and whistles:

  • Distraction can help take a child's mind off their pain or illness, so kids can watch a movie or cartoons while they are being transported.
  • Our hands-free communication system interfaces with the medical equipment on board to transfer critical patient information in real time to specialists preparing for the patient's arrival.
  • Our team can consult with the physician to make any adjustments and keep the child as comfortable and stable as possible while en route to American Family Children's Hospital or another destination.